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Why do i write?

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I was asked a question, a simple question, “why do you write?”

I tried different ways to answer it; I drew from my vocabulary reservoir the best words that would rouse and galvanize any reader into applauding my ability to make the English language dance to the tune of my mind, but the essence of what was to be said was lost in the plethora of words, and my offering gave off smoke that clouded the vision of everyone that needed to see it go up to the sky, it would just not do.
Then i decided to be emotional about it, I wrote of all my flaws, and my inadequacies, stripped myself of all His pride and dignity and forgot that He has clothed me with grace, and that dress is perfection, in trying to make everyone relate with what is common, I forgot that I’m not a commoner, I am a king.

So with the ideas I had, failed, I decided to answer with what had been screaming my name shouting for my attention , the truth, you.

I write because of you, you are the expression my soul gives.

What else could I write about but you? without you my words would just sound like clanging bells.

I write because you move in me to not be ashamed of who you have made me, to give off the fragrance that lie within the petals of my soul, solely for the purpose of drawing men to that scent.

Words in themselves are nothing, but you are the word, in you there is life, and that life i have received with immense love, the love that is wild for me and constantly chases me.

So I have the confidence that whenever I write, whether they know it or not, men catch a glimpse of you, and they might not understand it, and that’s okay, because it’s not about the words, it’s about The Word behind the words.

You are the expression my soul gives, and I write because it’s a dimension of your expression in and through me.

You are the expression my soul gives.

You are the reason I write

1Corinthians 13:1; 1Corinthian 2:4; John 1:1I

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