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So I contemplated if I should pray about this issue of mine, I wondered if it was worthy of his time. I mean, who prays over chicken cravings. I looked at my purse and after some self-dialogue and conviction, I concluded I was not going to spend my money because i was thinking of the next day. So I stepped into my room and my roommate looked at me and asked “hey Liz, If I buy you chicken would you accept?’. Ok, first things first, I did not say anything outwardly about my chicken desire and this was my roommate of almost two weeks, we were not passed the formality stage, I asked her “why?” and she said “I do not know, I just feel like”. I laughed and I figured God was probably laughing too; yes,he has a sense of humour. My point is we overthink things to pray about. I got to learn that God cares about things that concern us, and I mean every single thing, a crush, a dress, a missing notebook, an argument or whatever. As a child, it was way easier to pray about certain things. But growing up really complicates things and then we choose things to pray about. Elisabeth Elliot once said “If you believe in the God who controls the big things, you have to believe that he controls the small things”. Besides, we are children of God and so we pray as children to a Father, God desires we come to him. In his very own words he says “But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows” He cares about that, so how much more that situation you are too embarrassed to pray about. So I talk to him about everything and anything, about the fact that I need more front hair, about the fact that I want the lady who serves food to give me larger portions of yam, about my horrible handwriting. I mean anything, there is freedom in prayer-no need being careful, scared or ashamed and it is so amazing that he listens. It is like having a constant friend, how awesome is that?. And Yes, I got my chicken.


  1. This is so me. Thought I was using God for trivial things, but this is an assurance he cares about everything we care about.

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