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I think believers have live based on others experiences enough. Won’t it be lovely for us to have our own experience with Him? Well I think it would. Oh! Sorry, I meant to say, I know it would. So Daddy(God) told me some pretty amazing stuffs one day, which after hearing,

SIN: The reality.

  The truth about sin's power over you? It's none existent. Sin has no power over you until it is given power By you. You see, When I said on the cross "it is finished" It was more than just three words. It. Is. Finished. It meant all is won, the fight is over Draw back your self made

Martha Creek – Episode 3

Read Episode 2 Finally, alone time without the nurses interrupting or hovering, Salie and her mum are chatting and laughing as they recall old memories of happy times and different shared experiences “…and how we just fell on to the pool fully clothed because of her, she sure knows how to

A New Creation

So you just said those words, and you now believe in Jesus; but everything looks the same, no loud voice from heaven, no thunder bolts or angelic symphonies, and then you wonder if anything did happen. I once had the same questions until I came across 2Corinthians 5:17. It tells us