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To what extent is God one that gives freely? Do we as believers somehow merit God’s blessings based on our actions? Is our worthiness of receiving His blessings based on our actions or based on Him and what He has done for us?

Well, thank God that it’s based on Him and not us. Why? Because we could never earn them or measure up by our effort and ability.

In James 1:5, we see that He is a God that gives freely and sees no fault. That means that even when He’s giving, He doesn’t give based on you. It’s all based on His Son’s sacrifice. See, its not just talking about God giving wisdom freely, no. It’s talking about a God that gives all things freely

James 1:17 points to us that every gift that is good and perfect comes from God and He doesn’t change. Do you know what this means? It means you have a father that gives only good gifts, and He gives all things freely. But guess what? There’s more. He doesn’t changeSo get ready to receive good gifts forever!
The beautiful thing about all this is the fact that everything He gives is a gift. You forever have a father that gives you gifts and they are free and only to be received. If the gifts were to be earned or merited by some task, then they stop being gifts, and become wages.
Romans 8:32 makes us understand that since God didn’t spare Jesus, but gave Him up because of His love for us, then there is no way He won’t give us all things freelyHe has given us all things freely.
So stop trying to merit His blessings. Rather, rest and start receiving them.

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  1. This is beautiful
    A lot of people are yet to realise the difference betweeen wages and gifts. This is a pointer towards that.

    1. i truly do pray that this helps people see God rightly; as one that truly and actually loves and desires to give all good things to His children freely

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