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“Daddy Taught Me To Forget”

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How are you?
I’m okay
A while back, this would’ve been a lie everyone got told
At peace with my spirit, body and soul? No

I was in private, trying to conquer my fear of death
So whenever I felt ready, I’d go.
Every morning, hold my breath;
Dip myself, cold in the bath.
Until, I Watched Life step out, he got ready to bounce.
And I’m like
Hold up, wait!
This is suicide
And I’m not ready to die.. Come back!

Can’t be battling recession and depression all at the same time.
Could you see What had been done to him?
The worst in everything, was all that he could feel
Diverse in personality, shared into different pieces
Deeper than poverty, left him alone, and a victim..
Of Sexual, Drug, then Mental Abuse.
At first the causes,
Till he got addicted to their misuse.
His body-a temple, this temple was in ruins.
He tried to rebuild,
But it kept breaking down, as the cycle continued.

Knowing that there was no therapy for African Men,
Had to be strong, had to keep quiet.
He had to sing his funeral song, as he died in silence.

Just Maybe, Maybe, Maybe.. He thought
‘I should try this prayer thing that people talk about’
~ “Oh Lord!
I know we’ve never met,
But I bet you know who I am
I want to be free, I still don’t think that I can…”

~ “Richard. You’re right.
I have known you, long before you were born.
Yes, on your own you can’t…
So I’ll be with you even after the world is gone
Next time you look up to the Sky & the Ocean,
Remember that by “Peace, be still”, I calmed the storm’s motion.
And I can calm yours too.

He said “Peace” never “Please”, you get?
That means When I am with the Prince of Peace, I can not and will not beg.
So yes, yes.. I accept
Cause me without you, already makes no sense.

This is a story,
A dead man’s biography.
We’ve taken a walk through his grave today
2 Corinthians 5:17
I am alive
A brave new mind behind my delivery
Now here’s what he has to say.

How are you?
Skin so smooth, Dark Chocolate like Snickers and Mars

And I don’t belong to this world anymore
My reasons for being here are no longer hard to recall
Did you see what I’d done?
Came in black dressed
Going to leave in a white one.
I’m just Too excited to get back to Zion, I should learn to breathe more.
I probably only came here on a tour.
After being Created in perfection, wonder and splendor,
Even the Creator thought ‘I was enough to die for’
Same as you, John 3:16

Still in his teens
Too young to panic
But never too old to chase dreams
Praying to prevail, over obstacles that life may bring.
Cause there are no more lines, no more rules, no more laws to this,
Just freestyles in Grace. I’ve gotten used to it

Even when you’ve grown too tired to sweat,
He will be our strength.
Our past will never be better than our present
It’s not my birthday,
Everyday, He still gets me presents.
By saving my life, He conferred a value upon it.
That is a currency I can’t exhaust, no matter how much I spend.

Truth is,
Even if Cupids used javelins,
They’ll still be nothing compared to the Love that you bring.
You’ve aligned my interests, with your ideals
Opened our minds to endless possibilities
Now I’ve got this weird smile, that I like..
When I’m asked..

What can separate me from the love of Christ?

Not the future, not the present, not the past
Not air, not water or land
Not budding gentlemen or the Pepper them Gang
Nor Circumstance, Time, Distance, Twitter, Snapchat nor Instagram

All I see these days are green lights
Saying go,
Go into the world.. Mark 16:15
That is real Life
Even the ‘Lights Out’ has become hard to notice
Not because of got used to seeing the darkness, with my eyes looking down low
Always having to wear glasses, everywhere that I go.

But rather, know this,
Science says, Everyone’s born with a fear of falling.
A Fear, that one day we might have to crash land,
But that’s gravity…
And I’ve never known my God to obey the laws of man
He has given us a peace that surpasses human understanding.
So Heaven and All we’ve ever wished for, is within our grasp.

Now I once told God, My only fear was Forgetting.
Still He made me forget. Forget how to stop loving, Him .
From the Bottom of My Heart
To the Top of My Art.

Awesome poetry by Richard Raji

Lover of the gospel, crazy about the word...can talk continuously for several hours

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