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Keep Him as the Focus

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Problems; we all have them. They come and they go. It wouldn’t be a prophetic word if I said that there are more problems ahead in life. They’re simply bound to come in this world we live in.

What if I told you that the problems you have to deal with, and the situations raging on all around you could become so irrelevant that you don’t consider them at all or pay them any attention. What if it was possible to live life so carefree, having cast all your cares on Him to the point that the problems don’t matter at all and they fade into the background of life itself! You can be so enthralled and captivated by Him, and the beauty of life eternal that He has set all around you to the point that its all you can behold. This doesn’t mean that the problems aren’t there anymore, no. It means that they stop being the focus. Rather, your relationship with Him, and what that means for you become all that matters. He becomes the object of your admiration. He becomes the centerpiece!
Matthew 6:22 makes us understand that if our eye is single, 🤷then our body is flooded and consumed with light. So the issue here is *what are you looking at?*What are you focusing on? What are you beholding? Do you see only difficulty all around? Or do you see abundant life displayed in everything all around you? Do you see that life is a canvas and God is the master painter who is ever so skillfully and beautifully creating the most beautiful work of art with you and all around you? Do you see hopelessness and despair, or hope, joy and peace abundantly?
Let Him dictate what you see. Allow Him give you His perspective of life, and teach you how to see life through His eyes. Let Him show you His lens, and teach you how to see with it. Let love become the focus and every other thing fade away. Keep Him as the centerpiece of your life! Its more fun that way 😀

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Nefe James
Beloved of God. Apple of His eye ❤, Programmer and tech enthusiast💻

One thought on “Keep Him as the Focus

  1. True…. we always tend to get distracted with wat goes on around us, wch eventually takes our eyes off Daddy. As a result of this, the problem wch original may not have been serious, escalates ryt before us.

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