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Martha Creek – Episode 4

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Salie tries to rest in her mums comfort, but the harder she tries, the more pronounced her experience becomes to her. Salie begins to over think, and then remembers all that happened within the past weeks.

Salie recalls her and Rosie taking  a Saturday afternoon stroll…the girls called the strolls “ice cream walks”, they always stopped at a street corner to get ice cream. “So how’s the new apartment?”  Rosie asked trying to startup a conversation; as they sped up their pace, they got closer to the ice cream shop. “I think I love the apartment, it’s got a lot of space” Salie replied. Rosie wasn’t convinced or comfortable with Salie’s answers so she asked further “are you sure you love that place?, you could still stay at my place, I mean your bed is still vacant”, Rosie said to try and convince Salie to stay, but her mind was already made up. “It’s okay Rosie; I can take care of myself”.

They finally got to the ice cream shop and were enthusiastically purchasing ice cream, wasting no time they both went for their regular buy, Chocolate flavored yoghurt with toasted nuts. While trying to briskly pay for the dessert, Rosie’s ice cream was knocked down by Rick who was trying to run through the path, “damn, I am so sorry, can I get you another one”, Rick being remorseful offered to make amends.

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