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Getting right with God

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Hi am Patrick.
Hi Patrick.
I have a question.
How do I get right with God?

Wait am not through.
I have heard about the laws; I have heard about grace.
But I don’t feel right with God.
I feel I have to do something to get his attention. I feel like He sees me but shit happens.

Hold on let me stop you there.
You have heard about the story of the prodigal son?
The son remembered his dad and went back to his dad.
His dad saw him from afar and ran down to him with open hands before the child could speak.
Yes, so how does this help?

Well that’s the answer.
All God wants you to do is to remember that he ‘gat’ you.
He doesn’t care how bad you’ve been or how low you got. He will take you from your lowest to your highest.
I do remember, but it is complicated.
God isn’t complicated (Well his being is.).

That’s not the point. God died and rose again so that you will have a clean slate.
Yes, I know he came in form of man, but I have a clean slate but I seem to stain it even more day by day.
And yet the slate is still clean.
I don’t get?
Take this for instance.
You have a car…
That would be nice.

Yeah, as I was saying, when it gets dirty, you have to wash it, either by yourself or you take it to a car wash. But no matter what after a few driving it gets dirty time after no matter how much you tried. Now this time you took it to Christ, He washed it and no matter how bad you drive it, the car doesn’t get dirty.

Now do you get my drift?
Yeah, the car is me and the dirt is sin. No matter how much I try or wherever I go, I will still commit sin. Taking myself to Christ my sins are gone for good and I can’t sin again.
So how much am I to pay for that.

Now that is the cool part it is totally free and all you have to do is to bring yourself to Christ so that he will clean you up.
So that is what grace is?
Yes, unmerited favor.
Cool, I have to be going.
I never got your name?
I’m Patrick.

Wow! We both have the same name.
That’s because I’m you.

Author: Patrick


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