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Through His Eyes: A Mirror.

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You’re not a failure..
You never were and you never will be
For the fact that you failed doesn’t make you a failure.
The fact that the world calls you a failure still doesn’t make you a failure
You’re not a failure because that’s not who I created.
You are not ugly, dumb, unattractive, weird, retarded, or any other label your society seems to conceive.

I made perfection.
Carefully and wonderfully did i mould you into the very image of myself
I created a ten.
Nothing less, maybe more.
The world cannot redefine what I have defined.
I made you, so look to me for identification.
Look into my eyes and let them mirror who you are expected to be,
which is Me.

Love yourself.
You are the way you are because everything you are is everything required for what I have called you to be.
So don’t change who you are for me,
Become who you are in me.
Because in me you find yourself,
your true self.
You are beauty, beautiful in every aspect.
You are Holy, righteous in every action.
You are worthy, yes, precious enough to die for.
You are love, because you are loved.
You are glorious.
Royalty, Kings and Queens did i make you. I live inside you, sewn into the very fabric of your being, breathing and living through you.
So you are,  because I am.

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