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Dialogue With Daddy

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Talking With Daddy

I don’t feel good enough, I feel like I haven’t attained enough, I feel like I am lacking, I think I am not there yet. There are so many things I haven’t accomplished. There are Levels I feel I haven’t reached yet. I’ve tried and tried but it seems so hard. As a result of this I am now exhausted, I am weak and confused.

“(Daddy laughs) it’s not about what you have or haven’t accomplished, rather it’s about realizing how much I love you and resting in that reality. It has never been about attaining positions or levels, because you are in the highest of them (in Christ). So then knowing all this, I’ll ask you a question… How far do you want to go?”
As far as you would take me……

“So then, let me take you there, trust me, stay calm and let’s get there together. Hold my hands, let me love you, you are already there( the issue is just manifestation), you can do all things, you have the fullness of the God head, you carry the greatest and highest amount of power. It’s at your disposal. The power is not that effective when used without Love. The power we carry shows it’s greatest expression out of Love. So when used wrongly or expressed with the wrong motive, you get frustrated. You may ask why you need to receive my Love, well it’s because you can’t give what you don’t have and also can’t live in what hasn’t become your reality. Like I said earlier; trust me and we will get there together. I love you so much and I would rather not have you display any form of power and be loved by me, and be close to me than you displaying so much but yet feeling empty and sad on the inside. Let’s do it right, let’s do it the easy way, let’s do it the Love way. Are you good to go?”
(Smiling) oh yes!! Daddy I am definetly good to go.
“Alright then, let’s go. Just stay calm and enjoy the process”

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