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The old you is gone, hello new you – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

Date  1st January 2018   Topic You are something new   Key Scripture(s) 2 Corinthians 5:17   Digest  When we all made that decision to become believers, we need to understand that God made us completely new. Not physical newness, in regard to just character, but He made the real you, which is your spirit completely new. Something about

In Christ nothing good comes to an end

This year was a splendid one for all of us here at PreachDigest. The blog began about three months ago, and has been putting up gospel centered articles, poems, and stories since then, we have had a lot of testimonies; from renewed minds to emotional healing, the journey this year

Love is Alive Love is a Person

I used to believe love was a feeling. I thought love was momentary, I thought it was emotion. So I found myself asking what exactly love was. I discovered that everyone was looking for this 'love'; young, old, male, female, etc. We are all searching for love. This is simply

Be still and know that I am God

As the storm tossed me with each wave To and fro I moved closer to my grave Hopeless I lay as a predator's prey All I could do was hope and pray The days were dark And the nights were dreary My hope faded and I grew weary The devil had left his mark Here I was facing

Put your eyes on Jesus, see Him all the way

You heard I walked upon the sea, Yet you didn't believe. You heard I fed the five thousand, Yet you sat in disbelief. You heard I am the messiah, Yet you asked, "how could this be?" And I rose, like I promised I would. On the third day, Remember? It was so painful Oh! how I carried the heavy cross on

Don’t Fight Depression, Win It!

  Are you depressed? alone, down cast, bothered, troubled, a situation where by all the sleep in the world doesn’t seem to cure your tired soul, your hopes were so high you didn’t know when you lost it. You didn’t lose it because you wanted too; you lost it because you forgot its

Its Blood Money!!!

Lovers exchange cards with notes of love. He gave us a journal of love that's refreshed daily to eternity... He didn't give rose flowers... After all, he's the rose of Sharon that gave himself up... Humans would get dates mostly before they are married to their partner... But with him, we

We Are Gods Masterpiece

The world itself is a grand masterpiece created by God of us and for us A mix of colour which could only be described as beautiful Each one of us are masterwork fitted together to make a whole A play engineered to continue I see one person, a bright yellow Another, a strong green born

Whats Your Reality?

When he speaks, darkness bows, confusion disappears, mountains fall, walls crumble, dry bones come alive, and fear is silenced. All these happen at the sound of His voice. Though we are in this world, we are not of this world. We belong to a different place. Illusions, illusions, illusions. There are