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Anapauó – REST

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They said i have to live up to your expectations
They said I have to get things done at the right time
and miss nothing
They said I have to keep the fire burning and not let it quench
So I started working
Trying to please you in anyway that I can
And when I feel like am out of track
I call to you asking
Lord am I doing right? Hope I am not making a mistake?
I just don’t want to get anything wrong
Am I there yet?
Then I start looking around me
comparing myself to the folks I think got it right
Shit! am not where am suppose to be
When am I going to get there Lord?
I haven’t made any progress, I ain’t growing
Downcast, depressed, sad, guilt, condemnation
Angry at myself that I disappointed Him again
I fail to see that I’m already where am supposed to be
Just doing deeper
I’m not trying to attain the saint status
I am saint.
He isn’t disappointed in me
He’s excited to reveal self to me
He isn’t pressurizing me
He’s is patient because He is Love
His love burns like a flame in my heart and can never snuff out
I don’t get cold or hot
Am not winter today and spring tomorrow
cos He is the source of my flames and He changeth not
His gifts surge out of me I don’t have to stress
So I no longer live a life of uncertainty
Am no longer antsy
Am gliding treading the waters of love
Am at peace
Am sailing deep
I have found REST

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One thought on “Anapauó – REST

  1. I love this. Depictive of a never ending journey in and of life itself. As opposed to one with a destination and by implication an end), this journey is a never ending love with the love of our eyes walking with us all the way ♥

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