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Notes of the King’s daughter–by EDWARD

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I love how you twirl my hair with your hands
How you whisper to me in languages only both of us understand
How you kiss my forehead in reassurance
How you take me indoors away from every nuisance

How you hold me up in your arms
How you sing to me those heavenly psalms
How your gentle touch makes me feel safe
And reminds me of how much you gave

How you clothed me with your best clothes
And told me how all you needed was my soul
While wearing righteousness you held my hands
And danced with me from sunset to sunrise.

How at night you never sleep
Just so you can watch your little girl slumber
How your face is the last thing I see before I sleep
And the first I see when I awake thereafter

You dress me in precious ornaments
And my crown is made of gold
You do it everyday but your love never gets old
You make me face the world, its scary, but I’ve learnt to be bold

You clean me up when I’m in a mess
When I bring up the issue you tell me there’s nothing to address
You capture my tears and store them before they fall of my face.
Simply because you don’t want any of me to go to waste.

I love you Daddy
That’s all I can say
Your Daughter loves you
That’s all I can give back

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2 thoughts on “Notes of the King’s daughter–by EDWARD

  1. Hello guys. I just went through the poem and it’s really touching. Many people go through several stuff and it’s great to have Jesus right beside us. I tell you, if only a soul was saved by this, heaven is rejoicing and that’s how much Jesus loves us. I’m lost of words. Jesus is Lord. God is love.

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