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Whats Your Reality?

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When he speaks, darkness bows, confusion disappears, mountains fall, walls crumble, dry bones come alive, and fear is silenced. All these happen at the sound of His voice. Though we are in this world, we are not of this world. We belong to a different place.

Illusions, illusions, illusions. There are so many illusions in this world; In finance, academics, and everyday life. We still live in these illusions, we let them affect us, we make these illusions our reality.
One really painful and sad illusion, is the belief that we are supposed to live by this world’s standards, the illusion that makes you feel you have come to the end of yourself finally. So you keep thinking and over thinking, and subsequently build walls to box yourself in.

We have lived so much in these illusions, that our everything now bases on them.
One of the obvious characteristic of self is to analyze and to calculate. So what do I do then? How can I leave all these illusions behind? It seems hard to let go of them. The only thing you can do is TRUST, LOOK, DECLARE, SEE. Then you BECOME. All these can only be achieved when you are in REST. Remember, ye are gods. Made in the likeness of The God.
He lives in you; and you in Him. So you carry the fullness of The God Head,
and as you walk, everything bows to your light (Col 2:17).  First you trust Him and His love for you. Then you look at him and see how he looks like. Finding out how He operates and what He has under His feet cause they are under yours too. Then make them manifest by declaring. Lastly, see yourself in there (revelation), It’s a spiritual thing. By seeing, you transcend (2Corin 3:18). Quoting the scriptures is not a problem.
Let the scriptures become life. Receive the life and become one with it. Jesus is our reality. For us to live beyond our environment, our mind needs to be one with Him too, thus, the reason we go through renewal. These things don’t just happen, It’s a process that doesn’t need to be endured but enjoyed, if not, you are still under the illusion.
Daddy doesn’t want you to conform to the life, He wants you to become the life…
Let’s let go of the illusions
Let’s Live, Live in Reality (JESUS)💪😍
(Colossians 2)

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