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We Are Gods Masterpiece

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The world itself is a grand masterpiece created by God of us and for us
A mix of colour which could only be described as beautiful
Each one of us are masterwork fitted together to make a whole

A play engineered to continue
I see one person, a bright yellow
Another, a strong green born of the soil
Some others, a calming blue wind born of the sea

Like any masterpiece the beauty is shown to those who open their hearts
And to those who look for flaws, flaws are what their eyes will see
But those who look at its beauty can see the story of the cross foretold since the beginning of time

The lamb of Eden, the copper snake
His wonderful work is all about us
Like the raging sea like the calm wind He’s love sweeps through us
Oh what a wonderful world

Even if it might seem dim , know your colour shines ever so brightly
Like the clay in the hands of the Potter
The work isn’t complete without you
Like the paint in the hand of the artist you are destined to shine and instill a balance

Our flaws balance each other as our strengths do
That is the beauty of a masterpiece, designed to work together
The footstool designed for Christ to rest upon

We are a part of God’s rest
Our father rested in our beauty on that seventh day.
So why worry when he who sees through time doesn’t✌
Authour: GhostπŸ‘»

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