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Don’t Fight Depression, Win It!

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Are you depressed?
alone, down cast, bothered, troubled,
a situation where by all the sleep in the world doesn’t seem to cure your tired soul, your hopes were so high you didn’t know when you lost it. You didn’t lose it because you wanted too; you lost it because you forgot its meaning, the essence, the rest that it brings.

We lose hope for so many reasons, perhaps because things didn’t go our way, or because we feel confused, or maybe, just maybe we didn’t know what it meant. In my opinion, I don’t think hope has a definition, I think it’s just HOPE.
That tiny voice in us that tells us we will be alright, telling us no matter what we go through we won’t fail or fall because it’s not over. The voice that tells us that Papa would still come and pick us up from our ditch.

I often wonder, if He is going to help us anyway, why does He take so long? Why do we have to pass through storms? But you know what I figured? Human beings invented this thing called time, we tell our selves where we want to be at a particular instant, which often puts us under pressure and trust me it’s worse when we begin to compare ourselves with others. But hope never goes despite all this, and the drive to want and do better automatically comes.

Hope motivates you , Hope never lets you go, when you tell yourself ‘No’, Hope tells you ‘Yes’. Hope is your friend, when all friends go, Hope is your confidant, Hope is your best friend, Hope loves you; and Hope is Christ.


So, hope is never lost, it’s a constant.
Through it all, we often think and believe that hope is useless during tough times, but you see, hope is actually all you need.
I love you guys…stay hopeful.😇😇

5 thoughts on “Don’t Fight Depression, Win It!

    1. Hey Ghost, thanks for dropping in
      First things first I’ll like to say that you’re not the only one who asked this questions, so you’re not alone
      Being a Christian, doesn’t make us immune from issues and situations of life. This doesn’t mean God orchestrates these storms, for he doesn’t.
      But the good thing is that GOd turns the bitter into sweet
      The storms that are meant to crash you are the ones that would lift you high
      That’s why it’s important to recognize Jesus as your hope

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