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Love is Alive Love is a Person

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I used to believe love was a feeling. I thought love was momentary, I thought it was emotion. So I found myself asking what exactly love was. I discovered that everyone was looking for this ‘love’; young, old, male, female, etc. We are all searching for love. This is simply because, love is a part of us and it completes us, it’s that part that brings satisfaction.

In the journey of our search for love, we find ourselves filling that void with things we thought would give us satisfaction. One common thing we try to use is “money”, and in the end we still don’t attain the satisfaction we desire.

Seeing our dissatisfaction, though we had acquired all the things we desired, I came to realize how important love really is…. Love is not a feeling by the way. Love is a person (1 John 4:8). Yes, Love is God (1 John 4:16). At the end, that emptiness can only be filled by one person (God). We also keep looking for Love’s definition, little did we know we have always had the definition of love staring at us. Love’s definition was just right in front of us…..”Christ”. Christ is Love’s definition, He is what defines Love. In Him we are loved, and we Love (John 3:16)(Romans 8:27-30).

One can never exhaust the topic, love, just as one can never exhaust and fully understand God. As believers, we are born to Love, He is who we are(Romans 8:27-30), He is not selfish, not disappointing and can’t be disappointed, He is spontaneous and not rigid, He’s accomodating, not judgemental (that’s why we all have opportunities to enter into His rest) He’s always waiting, He’s patient, enduring, etc.

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Always remember, ” we Love simply because He loves us. When the revelation of that statement becomes evident, every part of life would become peaceful; school, family, ministry, marriage, etc. All we need is in Love, including Gods power. It’s all there, so keep looking and become what you see in Him”.❤❤

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