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In Christ nothing good comes to an end

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This year was a splendid one for all of us here at PreachDigest. The blog began about three months ago, and has been putting up gospel centered articles, poems, and stories since then, we have had a lot of testimonies; from renewed minds to emotional healing, the journey this year was just too good. So we want to thank all our readers, you guys have blessed us with your audience and encouraged us with your testimonies, we know that in the coming years, through Gods leading, you are going to be richly blessed by the posts and devotional coming up, looking forward to an awesome year ahead with you. Don’t forget to subscribe and share the blog posts with your friends, there’s so much here to encourage them.

So, to end the year, we asked our writers to express their joy, and share with the world what they think about Jesus in a few sentences, they did, and trust me what you’ll see will make you look forward to the new year with Christ.


He communicates love to me without words but with action.

His death, burial and resurrection.

In one final check mate He revealed the crazy overwhelming love that has always sought the world out.

He simplifies love in the most amazing way.

His love that transcends and transforms from inside out. You know when they say love changes you.

His love changed me. Amazing ain’t it!

“To Calvary we are marching on

Like elite soldiers we are pressing on

There on a cross our salvation hung

All hail King Jesus

As we sing our victory song”

“He’s the perfect lover.

He loves us so much he gave Himself up for us so we can glide in grace, and rest

 He whispers sweet words to His bride, no syllable void,

producing nourishment and growth causing us to glow in beauty.”

“Why is Jesus the reason for the season?

It’s because He died and rose, not for any other reason, but for us.

 He was God in the form of man…

so, let’s look up to Jesus at all times.

 Let’s hold on to his words and trust in his prophecies.”

“God is love
Love came down to dwell amongst us
Love is Christ….. Love was expressed on a cross
Love came for you, He came for me
He knocked the doors of my heart; and I let him in…
This and many other things He means to me, but it all began with the cross

“Christ ,
Made me; ordinary sand – Valuable …
For he was there in the beginning to give me value then and again…
When the blood of lambs couldn’t suffice, the Lamb of God did!
So I am no longer of earth’s quality but I am in the commodity – Christ, I am now of his quality

“He came to reveal to me that He had long ago included and put me in Himself at the cross.

He came to show me how He sees me.

 He shows me that His Beauty and Glory was mine.

The best thing about all of this is that it’s all free and I can happily partake in His goodness.

It’s a journey with Him into true rediscovery of my nature.

The dance of life with Jesus Christ

“He is the perfect friend,

walking hand in hand with you to the very end.

He never gives up. He can’t.

It’s His nature to love, to love recklessly.

In your faithlessness or unfaithfulness he remains true to his nature.”

“Christ the only one whose blood can speak forgiveness, not vengeance like that of Abel or the prophets of old.

Love so strong it came out in all His actions.

A king that came to die.

He stood at the door of my heart till I opened it, came to stay and would never leave.

The one who marked me.”

“Christ is a Friend. Christ is Love. Christ is Peace. Christ is Tranquility. Christ is Hope. Christ is Joy. Christ is Zephyr. Christ is Freedom. Christ is Fun. Christ is Beauty. Christ is me.

 So when I am asked who Christ is to me, words cannot express this, it is in a way beyond all the words in my brain.

 I guess Christ brings a feeling, yeah, a wonderful feeling, that beautiful feeling you just recognize and then brings ease. Again, his nature of love is constant, how cool is that?”


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“This love I still cannot fully understand, that He God became me in my weakness to save me and help me know Him. I never asked for it, I never deserved it, but He did anyway. He brought me peace in Him, confidence, that He is in me and Me in Him, and that I will be in Him forever without fear of Him leaving me behind. Jesus you are too awesome, I love you Jesus”

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5 thoughts on “In Christ nothing good comes to an end

  1. You see, if you give me the whole of 2018 to tell you who Jesus is to me…
    Out knowledge of English isn’t deep enough to describe.
    He’s love, life, peace, Lord over all, ever present help in time of need,


    Like … He loved me before my ancestor’s ancestor’s ancestors were formed
    He loved me when the earth was void and without form.

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