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 I’ve got fire burning in my soul – PreachDigest devotional 2018

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3rd January 2018



 I’ve got fire burning in my soul


Key Scriptures

Deuteronomy 4:24, Hebrews 12:29

Our father has been defined or viewed as a fire at several instances in the bible. What are the major characteristics of fire, it consumes, softens (for tool creation), purifies and in its existence continuously burns in an accelerated manner (never stagnant). Manifestations of these characteristics are shown in 1 kings 18:38, it was called the fire of the lord, it consumed not only the sacrifice but the altar itself. This is what God does to us all, once we let his Spirit find expression in our lives. 

He begins to reveal Himself to us by His Spirit through the word so we become more like Him. We become less of us and more of Him, a never ending reaction that takes place as long as we let Him take the wheel. Even when we feel it’s hard to trust Him, all we need to do is ask like Elijah did, and He comes to give strength (Matthew 7:7).

His fire burns through us daily, that’s why it’s a lifestyle (John 4:24), the energy we use in prayer is God’s own energy, the passion He has put in our souls through His spirit. Now, it is made available to us the moment we receive His spirit, all we need is to ask Him and He will express Himself, He has been given to us and He wishes to be expressed. That’s why we are called candles, it’s our structure. We are the display of the Fire (God).

#Pray Father I thank you for your fire and for burning ever so brightly in me and around me.


Author – Ghost

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