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He never stops trying to reach out to us – He’s always calling

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“Hmmm, on my bed staring at the ceiling, thinking of what activity to do, I lay, bored and couldn’t figure out a way to engage myself. After a while, one of my roommates walked in and started a conversation. We were expressing our distaste toward unwanted and spam phone calls. In the middle our discussion, she made a phrase that struck me. ‘THAT UNENDING CALL’.

That person who keeps calling you and never stops no matter how much you ignore the call simply because something is desired of you. This could be positive or negative as the case may be.

My friend knows this guy who keeps calling her and when she eventually picks, she remains quiet during the discussion because there really is no interest, connection or relationship between both of them.

I thought about that phrase ‘the unending call’ for a while and then JESUS came to mind.

Jesus is the unending caller. He keeps calling even when we don’t give Him attention. His call is very subtle. Jesus’s call is not really elaborate or distracting. Jesus keeps calling us with a still voice. In Rev 3:20, it says ‘Listen I am standing at the door and knocking, if anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come into him…’

Jesus keeps knocking at the door of our heart and He is waiting for us to answer that call so that He can come in and be of great help….

The unending caller wants us to answer His call. This is a call which I’m sure you would never regret answering. Jesus loves us so much that is why he keeps knocking…. When we answer Him, we begin to experience His love for us. JESUS LOVES ME SO MUCH, and He loves you too.

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