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Don’t tempt me am innocent

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“God isn’t looking to test you either, He tested Jesus”


James 1:13, thrashes one of the biggest misconceptions about God. People go through all manner challenges and immediately attribute the source of those challenges to God, claiming that it’s God testing us to see if we would still be faithful. I used to do the same, but when I came across this scripture, I received insight. God doesn’t tempt anyone, and the next verse explains that temptations come from us, from our desires, and furthermore, we see that the devil takes advantages of our desires to bring about His own actions, which would include pain, sickness or whatsoever. That’s why I always encourage positive thinking, because it channels your desires toward positive activities…and positive thinking is simply reminding yourself of whom you are in Christ.

                               Many people believe that God is really angry and is looking for a way to test their belief

Whenever we go through challenges, we shouldn’t be too quick to attribute the pain to God, and ignore the true pain giver. We should learn to cast the devil out and not just accept anything he brings our way. God isn’t looking to test you either, He tested Jesus, and He passed on our behalf ,of course to carry out Gods work on earth we will need to be diligent, but He also gives us the strength for that, I mean it’s His work and he desires that it be done even more than we do.

See God as a loving Father who will never give His children stone for bread. I mean even earthly fathers who aren’t perfect won’t give their children a serpent instead of cake just to test them, how much more our heavenly Father who loves us, and sent His son to die for us. Hallelujah

Further Read – Isaiah 54:9

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