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Milk helps me grow, so I drink a lot of milk-PreachDigest devotional 2018

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5th January 2018



Milk helps me grow, so I drink a lot of milk


Key Scripture(s)

1ST PETER 2:2 – As newborn babies, desire the sincere milk of the word that you may grow thereby.(KJV)



So many times, people have made that decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. As wonderful as this decision is, it really shouldn’t end there. When a farmer plants some seeds in the ground, he doesn’t leave and come back months later to harvest. He waters and manures the soil daily, so that all the conditions necessary for the successful growth of the plant is available. In some cases, he constructs a fence to prevent wild animals from devouring his plant. All this is done so he can harvest bountifully.

It is the same thing with our lives. Peter admonishes us in his first epistle to grow. He specifies the kind of food we should eat at the beginning phase of our lives; milk. Why milk? When a child is born, the mother feeds him with milk. At that stage of his life, he cannot handle solid food like bread.

Know that there is a lot to learn about God but it takes our conscious effort to grow. God made it this way, so that when we begin to gain knowledge and walk in some realities, we’ll appreciate the growing process. No baby transforms into an adult overnight.

One of the most important things a Christian who wants to grow must do is be sincere with him or herself and acknowledge lack of knowledge and the need to grow. Don’t be embarrassed if you are still a babe and need milk. This walk with God is personal; we are not competing with anybody, simply ask the Holy Spirit for guidance.

There are two things a believer can do to grow. Any other thing is somewhat of a subset of these two. These are prayer and bible study. There is a popular song that goes like this“…read your bible, pray every day if you want to grow…” this song summarizes everything. As you study the word of God and pray, you will definitely grow as you learn about God. If you are a babe, start with milk, the word of righteousness – righteousness by faith, and then make progress from there (Hebrews 5:14).

#pray – Lord, help me grow daily into the image of Christ.


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