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All things are possible; ALL THINGS – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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16th January, 2018


All things are possible; ALL THINGS


Key Scripture

Mark 9:23



Possibility and impossibility are some of the drivers behind any project that humans undertake. If it’s possible, or it seems possible we put a stake in it, if it’s impossible we immediately back out; but here Jesus made a very profound statement ‘anything is possible’. He is trying to show us the limit of God’s ability, and the limit of God’s ability is His ability to be limitless.

With God nothing is impossible, but for us to experience it, we need to believe, our minds agreeing with the possibility. Believe in God’s ability over every impossible situation. Talk to Daddy (God) to give you assurance, and watch Him come through.


#Pray Lord help me believe, help me keep trusting in your ability

Author – Gem

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