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Faith a living entity – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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20th January, 2018


Faith a living entity

Luke 13;18-21, Mark 4;32-33, Matthew 13;31-33

The word clearly states that we have one faith and not different faiths or levels. What it states is how we use the faith, because since the veil was torn and we received the holy ghost, the life in Christ (your life) became a lifestyle of faith, every believer has faith, but the way we use it differs depending on how much we know, that’s why the more we grow in the knowledge of God, the more we learn about our faith (remember the bible is a mirror of you not a destination), the more you see yourself in the mirror the more you know yourself and your worth, you naturally increase the use of that faith.

It’s a lifestyle you get used to not try to attain, the word is your mirror go look at the reflection there, the compass that shows your direction, the more you stare at that image the more you know yourself, it is impossible to forget your face after looking at a mirror but you remember it more correctly after a while. The Bible is not a book of condemnation but a book that helps you renew your mind; so it doesn’t breed sadness. Be happy about what you are seeing in yourself, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness, temperance, (The fruit of the spirit is one fruit and not 9 ‘fruits’ it was clearly stated ‘fruit’ and not ‘fruits’ in its context Galatians 5;22-23). Do not fear because we have the seed of the kingdom nurtured by his grace (Luke 13 6-9 the fig tree is given more manure, that means more grace because our gardener will support and not trim the weak ones). Getting used to faith is like getting used to your face, as a baby you didn’t really know your face but came to get used to it later.

#Pray Lord thank you for giving us such beautiful faces and a mirror to show us.

Authour – Ghost

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