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The Holy Spirit – revealed through Christ by timbj

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Christ;born of God
A child conceived of the Holy Spirit (Matt 1:8)
Christ; the one who baptized with the Holy Spirit and fire(Matt 3:11)
The Holy Spirit – God’s spirit who forgives…
The one not to be rejected…
Rejecting him is severing all connection with he that forgives (Matt 12:31-32)


The filling of the Holy Spirit, evident with gifts(luke 1:67)
When they bring us to places of judgement and condemnation…
We have no fear!
It is the Holy Spirit that teaches us what to say every second (Luke 12:11-12)
He that was given, as a seal of Christ’s glorification (John 7:39)


The one who is friend,
Who will make all things plain,
Reminding us of God’s word (John 14:26)
When we receive him; We receive power!
And witness Christ to all ends of the earth… (Acts 1:8)
We cover the earth!!!


He that is given to us as gift when we accept Christ (Acts 2:38)…
Filling us with fearless confidence to speak God’s word! (Acts 4:31)
A gift that money can never buy! (Acts 8:28)
God generously pours an overflow into our lives through the Holy Spirit (Romans 5:5)
God’s kingdom constitutes righteousness and peace
And Joy in the Holy Spirit! (Rom 4:17)


The Holy Spirit remains mystery to the unspiritual self
But we know the mind of God
Because we have the mind of Christ! (1 cor 2:14-16)
We have the Holy Spirit!
The Holy Spirit; moving and breathing in us is…
The most intimate part of us, making us fit for God. (Eph 4:30)


The Holy spirit is truth,
The Holy Spirit is one with God and Christ (1 John 5:7)
The Holy Spirit is one with you and I…
The Holy Spirit shows our sonship!
For as many of us that are led by the spirit…
We are the sons of God! (Rom 8:14)

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It is the Holy Spirit…
That tells us ALL truths!
When we slay…
We slay in the Holy Ghost!
We can’t have wardrobe headache…
We have the Godhead!


For it is he:that is our guide…
We see the way…
We say the way, clearly in the Holy Spirit!
The Holy Spirit gives us a knowing, an understanding of the mysteries of the spirit!
We are not left in quagmire as regards things of the spirit!
The Holy Spirit is in you and I today!


And if you have not…


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