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Trust Gods Spirit on your inside – PreachDigest devotional 2018

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28th January, 2018



Trust Gods Spirit on your inside – PreachDigest devotional 2018


Key Scripture(s)

Ephesians 3:20

God’s spirit works through you and in you. The workings of his spirit cannot be fully grasped by the soul of man, Gods spirit works separately in us and at the same time works in a network with every other person (the body of Christ) and the earth. When our God moves He sets things into place outside of time (Our Father is in continuous motion, never stagnant), time exists in him and can be manipulated in any way he sees fit, and when he says not to worry he has seen it from the point of infinity. When God gives us words, he doesn’t give them, saying they would become, but that it has become. He doesn’t view situations in 3D like us but in a dimension we can all but imagine. That’s why when we speak from his Spirit we speak with assurance of things that seem not, because we have gotten a taste of His sight, we have viewed into His agenda, and the more we do so the more we get accustomed to His view (His way of living), which is also a part of renewal, so where ever you are whatever you are going through presently know that our dad has got you and like a friend of mine said Our God is not an irresponsible father.
Also check out Colossians1: 29
#Pray as I step out today, I move knowing that you are by me and have arranged everything for my good and in no way can the devil oppress me, thank you loving father for your Faith at work in me.

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