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Forget the past, because God does – PreachDigest devotional 2018

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4th February, 2018



Forget the past, because God does



1Sam 30:1 – 18



This story is very important, as it outlines to us the way we should handle issues as believers. David was distraught because he and his men were looted. His men even got so upset they lost confidence in their leader and wanted him dead. But we see David’s approach to handling the situation. He doesn’t sit back blaming himself for what happened; instead He focuses on God and seeks direction. He lay the past aside and looked upward for help, and God gave him direction.

Many believers take so much time trying to find an issue that doesn’t exist, or look to put blames on themselves or others for predicaments. The truth is these are self-seeking and take our focus off Gods ability to see us through. In dire times, look to Jesus, whatever may have cost the predicament is in the past, don’t dwell on it, or try to find it, instead, find solution in Christ, He’ll always be willing to help.

#pray Lord I let go of the past, and I look to you for solution and comfort.

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