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Bear one another’s Burden – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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22nd March, 2018



Bear one another’s Burden

Key Scripture(s)

Galatians 6, Romans 15


The beginning of Christianity is the end of self and it is founded on Love (John 3:16); not minding His own, He gave up His son to die for the world. As a result of the act, we have become one with Him; one family, one body… One.

The life we now live is Christ’s (Galatians 2:20). As believers, we are no more; for Christ now lives in us. The Christ life is centered on living for others. He is living for you and I, carrying our burdens. So since we are Him, we are meant to live that way too.

We have been admonished to carry each others burdens, not being werry in carrying it out( Galatians 6:1,2,9), condemning no one, but rather, receiving all, as Christ also has received us to the glory of God(Romans 15:7). No matter how small the act of love maybe, Love. Show Love to all, give as much as you can, pray for those who need prayers, encourage those who need encouragement, buy a meal for those who are hungry, cloth does who don’t have,etc. As much as Love is spiritual, it is practical. So be practical….. Show Love and don’t forget, learn to live for others

Prayer: Father thank you for your Love, thank you for always providing my needs. Thank you for the grace to know you and to know your love. Thank you because, due to the reality of your Love for me, I am able to express your love to others. I have the ability to Love others. Thank you lord, in Jesus name… Amen.

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