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DON’T RUSH, TAKE THINGS EASY – PreachDigest Daily Devotional

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24th March, 2018







Key Scriptures

Isaiah 28 : 10 ‘ For precept must be upon precept , precept upon precept, line upon line; here a little and there a little.

Life is a gradual process. There are different stages; we need to pass through in life before we get to our final destination.
This reminds me of a stair case. A stair case has different steps and it is impossible to follow a stair case without following the steps accordingly. I remember a time when I was trying to jump from a stair case and I fell in the process of doing that because I didn’t follow the steps accordingly.
This same scenario applies to life. Sometimes we jump In life without following the necessary steps we need to follow. Our jumping could result to a fall and it could lead to a hurt as well.
The bible says line upon line precept upon precept. This implies that in life, we need to take things gradually and not rush into doing things. We should not always be in a urge to take short cuts in life because this could lead to a drastic effect.
God himself took things easy because he understood that things should be done gradually and not in a rush.
I can vividly remember when Mary told Jesus at the wedding of cana that the wine they had got finished but Jesus replied Mary by saying ‘ my hour had not yet come’. Jesus understood the importance of taking things step by step.

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#Pray Lord jesus, help me not to rush into things and help me to exhibit the attitude of patience because I know your timing is always perfect. Thank you Jesus

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