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Dont clean me of the painting – Poem by Nefe James

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The one He has loved since time unknown
The one He loves still and will always love
Yes, He thought of you and He gave His all
He laid his life so You could be His own
The grace,The love, The joy, The peace
The freedom, deliverance, healing
Revelations in the knowledge of Him
Oh! He’s all and everything
We have His life, The True LIFE
So Why?
Why go back to that place?
To the darkness He saved you from?
Why be drawn again and again?
To live in sin because of grace? NO!!!
He did all He did to set you free
From the world of fleeting pleasures,
Of condemnation,of fear
He knows its no good, He knows it’s a mess
You are His, created in Him for good works
having been brought from that darkness
Into His marvellous Light
You are now a child of the Kingdom of Light
You are no slave to sin, so stop the struggle
Walk in righteousness ‘cos its your nature
He says you’re justified, He says you’re holy
He calls out “You are mine”. Oh! He loves you so dearly
Sons of God, embrace His Word
You have His Life, The True Life
By FAITH, Walk in it
And Be Who You Are
Gal 5:1,Col.2:6 As you therefore have received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.
author – Minister Nefe James

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