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Have a PreachDigesty Easter from Praise

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No! We Are Not Mourning, We are celebrating people

If Christ had died, if He was buried, but never rose up, then we would have been mourning(1corinthians15:4). So if this is not the case, why then should I be sad. God doesn’t need anyone to feel pity for Him. All He wants is for you to know the reason why He went through all He did; which is…”Love”.

For love sake He laid His life down for you, now all you have in Him is victory over all things. Easter is a day to remember (just in case you have forgotten) the Father’s heart. It is a day to celebrate your victory in Christ Jesus over all things. It is a day where you reflect on the reality of how you have died with Christ, you are buried with Him and now you have ressurected with Him(Romans 6:3-23), Kaya….. Can you see that? So I am cerebrating because, as a result of my unity with Christ, I am dead to sin and alive to God, I have dominion over death, I have dominion over principalities and powers, I am a son, I am perfect in Christ, it’s no longer me that live but now Christ… “Shatalabash”.

How did these things happen? They happened because someone died, and was buried and He ressurected and now He is sitting at the right hand of God. Hehe, and the best part is that, I am seated with Him, Hallelujah!! This is a glorious news, this is a joyous news. I can’t be crying while hearing this, no way! So let’s celebrate, let’s blow our trumpets, let’s rejoice; for the king of kings is risen, He is alive and so, let the earth rejoice, for My King Reigns Forever.

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