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Train yourself to be fully transformed into His image – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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19th April, 2018



Train yourself to be fully transformed into His image


Key Scriptures

Romans 12:2, Philippians 3:8-16



Do you ever feel like you haven’t gotten so high spiritually or that you are not “Christian” enough? Well, what does it mean to be totally Christian? Is there a half Christian? Our Christian growth is not based on our power but it takes a deliberate effort on our end to know God more and more. God is ever ready to manifest through us, he does not give himself in bits, he wants us to know him just like he knows us, and he wants us to walk freely in him. How do we get there? We become Christ-like by knowing him personally, read your bible. God has granted the spirit of wisdom and revelation in his word, spend time with the word. Study to show thyself approved and if the word seems scary, do not give up, pray for his wisdom, the bible was not written to confuse us. Why do people date and get married? They want to know each other more so they spend time together. Being one with the father is a process.

The same way you get to know someone more by speaking to them, speak to the father. The way we build muscles gradually, build up your spirit constantly and do not be too hard on yourself by judging your growth. Remember it’s not based on your power but you just keep training and learning and you would not even know but your spirit grows and you get to the point when the inner-man is beautifully transformed. So not just with a little effort but let’s go all the way in Christ and make it an important priority. Fully submerged. Train your spirit!

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#pray-Lord please help me to know you more daily and open the eyes of my understanding to know and see you more.

Author – Elisabbath

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