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How do you define success? – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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7th May, 2018



How do you define success?



Poetry by Miebi



I’ve failed

“I’ve failed”, I said
“Who told you that child?”, God asked.
And I let out a sigh.
“The world daddy. The world told me I’ve failed.”

“Define failure son”, he said on a serious but calm note.
Now, I knew he cared so much.
“Failure is when I’ve failed them.”
“Who is them?”, my father asked.
I began to cry.

“Them. Them. Them.
You think you are a failure
Even when I’ve called you a winner?
You see when a small section of your brain,
Begins to speak
And it sounds logical, You agree.

But I have used the foolish things to shame the wise.
Don’t let them define you.
Let me define you.

Being rich has never been success to me.
However, believing in me is great success.
I make you happy.
No one else can make you happier than me son.

He picked me up
And dried my tears
And said, “I am who I say you are.”
That was it.
Now I know Lord,
You are indeed everything I need to succeed.

#pray – Lord teach me to depend on you to succeed according to your will.

Author – Miebi

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