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Your brother’s keeper – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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 10th May, 2018



Your brother’s keeper


Key Scripture

Jude 1:22 – And you must show mercy to those who’s faith is wavering [NLT]



Being a believer, you will encounter other believers who may have a view of Christianity that is wrong, erroneous, or extreme, truth is, these people are still believers, but have been exposed to wrong knowledge. We don’t try to fight them or “put them in their place”, but it’s our job to guide them, and guide them carefully, understanding that the individual isn’t a bad person, but because of circumstances has been exposed to the wrong messages. Guide them, and pray for them, show them truth because, in reality it’s the only thing with the power to set free. As long as the person is a believer, the person will respond to truth. Show love at all times, its who you are.

Author – Gem

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