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People disappoint a lot; but God NO! – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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29th May, 2018



People disappoint a lot; but God NO!


Key Scripture

Psalm 27:10 – Even if my father and mother abandon me,the Lord will hold me close.



How many of us have heard some really dissatisfactory news about how men have treated each other. We hear of mothers throwing their babies into rivers, we hear of fathers walking out on their families, we hear of brothers killing and betraying brothers, likewise sisters. The bottom line is that humans can really disappoint you at critical times no matter the relationships we have with them; but David told us something about God that has always been true, and it’s that The Lord will always hold you close no matter who abandons you. In earlier verses, he spoke about how he didn’t want God to abandon him, but later he concluded by saying that he knows God will never abandon him. This means that sometimes we may feel abandoned, but the reality, the truth is that God will never and has never abandoned you – if things don’t seem to work out, don’t blame God, just be confident that He hasn’t abandoned you, eventually, you will see the light.

#pray Lord teach me to always consciously remember that you will never abandon me

Author – Gem


Have you made your confession today, the month of May is coming to an end, don’t forget to make your confession today, God bless you

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