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God wants us to care for people – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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10th June, 2018



God wants us care for help people


Key Scripture

1 Tim 5:3 – Take care of[b] any widow who has no one else to care for her.



In our scripture, we see Paul encouraging Timothy, and asking him to take care of genuine windows in the church. I discovered that God’s heart for His people is that they don’t lack. That’s why He showed us His grace, which is enablement to carry out His work. We have all these, so that we can be a blessing. Note the context, you are not giving to be blessed, you are blessed hence you give. When Paul spoke, he didn’t even make mention of the provision just simply told Timothy to help the widows. This is because the provision would always be available. We just need to receive His grace and apply it to our endeavors, and we’ll get far more returns than we can imagine. Learn to help out and be a blessing too, it is pleasing to God.

#pray Lord, help me be a blessing to those in need

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