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Agape – An Epistle of God’s love To The Church – PreachDigest

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Agape – An Epistle of God’s love To The Church

A Taste of Love-The cloud was darkened, pregnant with tears of the heavens. The atmosphere stilled by the silence of the moment. Heaven, earth, and hell stood in awe as witnesses to the cruelty of the cross. A monumental moment that would forever divide time itself A.D and B.C. the angels couldn’t believe their sight though they stood from the standpoint of eternity and truth.

Humans were divided in opinions; as a sector cried aloud for the justice hidden in the injustice they beheld at the cross; of which they could not comprehend at the time, while others jested and made a mockery of the scene saying, “If thou be the son of God save yourself. Then we shall believe.” This, of course, was a resultant effect of demonic influences displaying their thoughts and pervasiveness through human lips. An hour passed, a second hour and then the third, he had been up there for four hours straight. Most of his wounds had clotted by then. His eyes bloodshot in tears, who says men never cry? The Lord cried, in silence, he cried, “As a lamb to the slaughter is silent, he uttered no words.”


This is the blood of the new testament…

Looking at the witnesses before him he could see only you; just you alone. It was worth it, he thought as blood dripped from the crown of his head across his face down through his lips to his body. For the first time in a long time, he tasted his own blood. Tasted very much like love, he coughed. A brief flashback of the last supper ran through his mind, “This is the blood of the new testament…” I see through the eyes of the Old Testament as the priest would slaughter a lamb (sin offering) amidst the people. That lamb would cry out in agony as his being drained of his very life, his blood. In that brief moment, the sword of judgment was lifted. And our Christ peered in the spirit just in time to witness the death-dealing blow of judgment.

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This is love: not that we loved him


With the remnant of his might he cried, with pains in his body and with a crushed soul he cried, “It is finished!!!” In that split second of a second, he defined love. A definition that the Apostles would cling to for the rest of their lives, a course they would forever champion. “This is love: not that we loved him, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins” – 1John4:10

By Don-Pedro Kizito (+234 8166332191)

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