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Agape – An Epistle of Gods Love To The Church [Part 2]

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Agape (Love)

A Table for Two It all started in the Garden of Eden, some may argue it was way before then. However, the man Adam and the Jehovah God recorded their first meeting on the eve of the 6th day of creation. The story of the created and the creator ensued.


Day by day Adam launched out as an astronaut in space would


Adam in The Beginning

Day by day Adam launched out as an astronaut in space would; into the exploration of an unfamiliar terrain, never alone always in confines of the confidence of his maker. By day he was a world explorer; by night he was the listening ear of a gentle whisperer. The daytimes were ever so adventurous for Adam, one would think he’d never want to return home. But that was far from the truth. As exciting giving identity and function to creation must have been, it could never replace the experiences encountered after the setting of the sun. As a man (Adam) said in a certain place, “As the deer panted after the water brook, so does my (Adam) soul pant after you.” Think about it, the only companion Adam had was God. He loved God as a son would love his Father, he cherished the presence (speaking presence) of God as the lily cherishes the noonday sun. This affection was rivaled by none other than Jehovah himself.


How silly God must have looked to the angelic beings♥


Honest truth even the principalities and powers could not understand this bond. By day they saw a majestic King on the throne come night and the Lord became the living scriptures of songs of Solomon in play. Words not common place with Kings spilled out from his lips, “thou have ravished my heart, thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes.” How silly God must have looked to the angelic beings. Notwithstanding, on his knees, they found God every evening. “Come let us reason together,” the Almighty would beckon. So the question, “what is man that you are mindful of him? The son of man that you visited him?” has been in existence even before any human thought of it. For in the beginning was the word and the word was with God, that word was in the beginning with God. As both man and God played in a circle of what is pure love. I call it the Day and night game of the greats; exposing the reason for the covenant of day and night (Jer33:20); fellowship. The relationship was a constant but the intimacy bloomed in full view to all who could see. Adams rest hours were complemented by visitations, “I sleep but my heart waketh: It is the voice of my beloved that knocketh.” How beautiful and poetic the entire scenery must have been, two love lit candles on a dinner table. “Surely he prepared a table before us (Adam),” the table indeed was (is) for two.


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