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You Can Hear God For Yourself – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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26th June 2018

You Can Hear God For Yourself

Key Scripture

But the word of the Lord endureth for ever. And this is the word which by the gospel is preached unto you.


For every situation God has placed a word, his word became flesh and dwelt among us, making us joint heirs with him. Gods word is true forever even after the end of time. He sent his word in the Gospel, which is the Good news of Christ, how that we are dead to sin and alive to Christ.

God is a just and merciful father. He knows our needs before we ask.

When we face challenges, let’s ask, what has the word said concerning this?.

When your body says you are sick you would say, through Christ, I was healed. When the devil reminds you of that nasty thing you did, remind him that Christ has forgiven you long before you were born. When the devil tells you to be afraid, remember the Bible tells us , he has not given us the spirit of bondage again to fear. When the devil tells you , you will die young, the word of God tells you,that you are satisfied with long life.

How do we know what the word says,

Simple, Read your Bible, fellowship with the Holy spirit daily, second after second, it does not have to be when you kneel down, even as you walk or drive or Cook, commune with your father. He says He loves you. And his words are Ye and Amen, that’s the standard.

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Lord I thank you for making your word available to me.

Lord I pray that at all times I shall have the word at heart and be able to apply it when need arises.


Study the Bible and meditate upon it.

Tell someone about the Word of God.

Apply Gods word to every situation.

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