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2nd June 2018


Key Scripture

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails. What a person desires is unfailing love.”


We all have plans, trust me everyone does in fact many would agree that failing to plan is in essence planning to fail so that is indeed planning. Most of the time our plans are usually what we feel are the best for us and will lead us to our expectations and we tend to do all things possible to follow them even though they may hurt us sometimes or not make a lot of sense. However, these plans sometimes don’t end up as we envision and so we feel inadequate but the truth is that we are mere mortals and are indeed inadequate by ourselves and even though sometimes we tend to believe so much in our abilities they end up not working out as planned because only Gods will prevails in the life of a believer. We propose some plans and decisions and God out of love for us DISPOSES them of, like “off you go to the trash because my short sighted human of a child has no idea what she is getting herself into”.

Remember David he had a dream of being a Shepherd someday and was working really hard towards it developing himself and making sacrifices but God had a bigger and better plan for him and that was for him to rule his people. So while he planned and proposed, God disposed that which he knew was the ultimate and David trusted God enough to hold on despite the ugly turn of events that followed. What about Mary, she couldn’t wait to marry Joseph her beloved fiancé and raise her lovely children as a humble carpenter’s wife, but God had bigger plans. She was going to be the vessel through which The saviour would come into the world and like David, she trusted God to the fullest even though it could cost her The love of her life and hopes of a happy life. In the end, it worked out perfectly.

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I know right now it might feel like things aren’t really turning out as planned, just keep trusting in God’s ability to makes things right in his time, be patient and never lose faith. Just keep on praying, holding on to truth and learn all that you can along the way because you don’t know where and when you might need it. Remember David and Goliath, he already has a lot of practice from the Lion and the Bear. God loves you too much not want the best for you and trust me he makes the best choices ever, so just trust him even when it hurts.


Father I trust you and I surrender all my plans to you right now. You see the end from the beginning I know with you I can only reach the best, Thank you Jesus

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