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The Tale Of Two Sons – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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11th August 2018


The Tale Of Two Sons

Key Scripture

Luke 15: 11-32

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This is a very common and interesting parable in scripture. It talks about a man who had two sons, one who requested for his inheritance while his father was alive, went to a faraway land and wasted it all but later came back to the father for a place among the servants which is lower than where he was. The father took no hesitation in accepting him back into his arms not as a servant but as a son where he belongs. On the other hand the second son saw what the father had done and became upset with the father because he felt the father didn’t appreciate him enough for his effort and his dedication to him.

These two sons signify two types of believers today. Some take the grace and mercy of God for granted, they don’t care about how God feels when they do those things that he doesn’t like. They know that God is gracious and full of mercy and choose to deliberately disobey him. God like the Father in this story will not do anything to harm them; His love for them doesn’t move an inch but they move so far away from the father they begin to suffer as a result of their mistakes and errors, they begin to live below the standard that God desires for them and see themselves in places that are below them. God is always there and would be there to embrace them when they realize who they are, but the earlier they do the better for them.

Others are like the other son, they judge other believers and pay more attention to self righteousness. They look at others and feel superior to them because they feel they are closer to the fathers heart because they work in his vineyard. This study is teaching us that the Father’s love is for all in equal measure and that we need to focus on what Christ has done and not what we feel we can do or have done. God sees your heart and your labours of love and they will all be tried through the fire and you shall receive your reward in due time but learn to see people the way God sees them. By strength no man will prevail. God help us in Jesus name.

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Dear lord give me the grace to see stay close, I don’t want to take your grace for granted, I want to be renewed by the wisdom your presence gives and lord give me the grace to not glory in myself but in you and the ability to see people as you see them, amen.💛💛💛💛💛💛

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