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Authority – Why You Should Not Fear Snakes And Scorpions – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

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20th August 2018


Authority – Why You Should Not Fear Snakes And Scorpions

Key Scripture

Luke 10:10

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Dear believer, you need to know that victory is yours through Christ Jesus. You have to know your authority as a believer. As believers we have authority over sicknesses, diseases, unfortunate circumstances; we have all these through Christ.

In the key verse, Jesus sent disciples out to go and evangelize. In so doing he makes them understand that he has given the authority, the power to overcome the enemy, the devil. And nothing can possibly hurt you, nothing born of a woman or any spirit can dare lay a finger on you. However, all this and so much more you will have, if only you know the authority you have. For instance, if I am CEO of a company, I have the authority to do and undo, call people to order, recruit and fire workers. Bottom line is as a CEO, I have power. However, if I do not know I have this authority, I would have the opinion that I am a helpless puppy who can’t do anything. As a believer power is made available to us. We can only know this when we are aware of our identity.

Also, for us to walk in this power and authority, we have to pray. The Bible tells us a story in the synoptic gospels. It says that the disciples were trying to cast out a demon from a possessed boy, but the demon was so stubborn and adamant. When Jesus came, he healed the boy, cast the demon out. His disciples asked him how this was possible and he said it is through prayer (and fasting). So, prayer is key in order to walk in authority. The Bible records Jesus always praying. Hence, prayer is essential as a Christian too.

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James 5:16, says that the heartfelt prayer of a believer makes tremendous power available. We are believers because we believe in the gospel. Hence, your heartfelt prayer brings about power to trample upon snakes and scorpions. You have the power to make the devil run mad. Hallelujah!!!

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Father, today I step out in authority to crush every obstacle. I am strengthened by you!!!💛💛💛💛💛💛

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