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Why We Need To Go To Church

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29th August 2018


Why We Need To Go To Church

Key Scripture

Acts 2:1

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I write a bible journal, and if someone took a look at my bible journal, this particular bible verse (Acts 2:1) has a “heart emoji” beside it. That only shows that I love that verse. But I will tell you why I love that verse.

As humans it is only normal that we socialize. We are social beings. Sociologists would tell you “no man is an island”. And I agree and I am sure you do too. Hence, as humans no man is a “god” that can do everything without family and friends. We occasionally need to go out for social gatherings, parties, schools and their likes. We need to do all this because it is good for our well-being as humans. We have to be fit all round: socially, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

So also as believers, we have to gather together. Christianity goes beyond reading the lines; we have to read in between them. And this is very impossible if we do not meet together constantly and frequently. Hebrews 10:23-25 explains the reason why we need to constantly be in fellowship with our fellow believers. In a world where there is so much darkness, we have to shine the light that Jesus started shinning. We gather together to encourage ourselves and proffer help to dead situations.

We do not fellowship together to go to God’s presence, we carry him and his fullness inside of us (1 Corinthians 3:16). So that myth should be totally cancelled. The first believers were a true example of God’s love: they ate together; shared things together; spoke with each other on a heart to heart level. That is a church, the body of Christ. Christ’s body is not divided into denominations, it is one. God’s blessings are not entitled to one special church but the entire body of Christ. So, today or any day you go to church, get it into your sub conscious that you are going to meet a brother or sister. Hallelujah!!

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Lord, my eyes are open to see my brothers and sisters just as you see me as yours!

Author – Miebi

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