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How To Be Dedicated To Your Purpose(Part 2) – PreachDigest Devotional 2018

how to be focused on your purpose
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31st August 2018


How To Be Dedicated To Your Purpose(Part 2)

Key Scripture

Acts 13:3

Acts of the Apostles 13 [3]So after more fasting and prayer, the men laid their hands on them and sent them on their way.


So I remember there was a digest written about the power of dedication to Christian service, and we used Acts 13:3 (you can find that digest here)…this digest is more of a followup to that digest.

Well now here’s one thing I discovered, many people once they have gained solid footing in the faith begin to ask a very interesting question, that question is “what’s next?”…there is this desire for something “more” as they feel they have done all that there is to do being a Christian. Some folks end up moving with this ideology and begin to tilt towards things that aren’t of the scripture, or they begin to claim they have received some form of revelation that is unique, and different from what people have heard or seen. Well from my personal investigation, most of those ideologies lead to error, and a shift from the central message of Christ.

So what is next exactly? You feel you have done so much and learned so much being a Christian, and you are wondering what the next thing is…well am here to make an attempt to answer that question, and I believe the key scripture would aide extensively. I believe that most people who get to that point may be losing passion for things pertaining to Jesus they have become too familiar with a particular process in serving Jesus. The solution is simple do what you have always been doing, and do it more ??. The basics for growing as a believer, study your Bible and pray(dedicate time for these things) so if you want to know what is more, then do more of those things just as you have been doing, never let yourself get tired of doing them. Listen to some good teaching, and pray to Jesus. He died so he would be able to relate with you as a friend, brother, father, mother, you name it, so he won’t miss doing it with you for anything in the world. Just keep praying. I used this scripture because the apostles had prayed, and God gave them some revelation, but that didn’t stop them, instead they kept praying. The scripture says after more prayer and fasting they then sent Paul to do God’s work. So just keep doing what you have been doing, keep praying and keep studying your Bible, keep being dedicated, and keep showing love, that way you won’t lose passion instead you’ll only keep growing more and more.

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Lord, thank you for teaching me and helping me grow in you. Lord help me to remain dedicated to serving you. Amen

Declare – I am passionate about Jesus.

Author – Gem

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