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Letting The Holy Spirit Guide You

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2nd September 2018


Letting The Holy Spirit Guide You

Key Scripture

Acts 13:4

So Barnabas and Saul were sent out by the Holy Spirit. They went down to the seaport of Seleucia and then sailed for the island of Cyprus.


Today, we will be looking at acting on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We know how limited we are as humans, so usually there is a tendency for us to act based on how we feel, or perceive things to be, but truth be told, no matter right what we perceive seems, it’s always subject to human error.

The surest way to live is to be guided by the Holy Spirit. There Is nothing wrong with having passion, and desire for certain things, but it’ll be easier to do excellent in those things if we let the Holy Spirit guide us on the path to follow…Jesus called the Holy Spirit our comforter who will guide us into all truth.

Even when doing spiritual activity, it makes our lives a lot more productive if we learn to listen to Him; whether it’s on what to pray, or on how to carry out the work of evangelism, letting the Holy Spirit guide us would make us very productive while doing them. Trust me I personally have experienced the ease that comes with the Holy Spirits guidance, it’s just astounding the amount of impact you can make when you go in the direction that He is leading you.

Like I said earlier, that doesn’t mean you won’t have desires or thoughts, sometimes He leads you using your own desires, sometimes using the inner witness in your spirit, but one thing I do know is most times, it requires a conscious effort on your part to actually hear Him on a particular issue…pray in the spirit, ask for his guidance, and definitely, He will guide you and guide you well. Glory to God.

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Lord Jesus teach me to always listen when the Holy Spirit speaks, I want to be guided by Him, and to be led by Him, help me listen to Him, and to trust Him amen.

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