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What Is a Christians Hope? – PreachDigest

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4th September 2018


What Is a Christians Hope?

Key Scripture

Acts 23:6

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What is hope? According to a dictionary, hope is a feeling of expectation… As Christians we do have hope. However, it’s not a feeling. Feelings are usually fleeting… Our hope is certain, sealed by the Holy Spirit.

So what is our hope? This can be seen clearly in the key verse. Our hope is that we do not die but we sleep! That is the reason why Paul said to live is Christ and to die is gain. Death is overcoming the world and entering into the father’s welcoming arms. We are Christians and we are so cool, when we die we ascend to heaven. So, death in a right old age is not a time to cry and mourn but to be happy and merry because that person has gone to meet the father. However this is conditional to the unbeliever.

Our hope gives us confidence. 1 Peters 1:3 says “… because of this great mercy he gave us new life by raising Jesus Christ from death. This fills us with a living hope.” That is our confidence! When we die, we do not just end this journey of life, rather we are transformed. One thing I know is, life is not a big-bang theory, if it were, then you have no purpose. Our lives as Christians are far above the big-bang theory; we are heirs of the father. We have a living hope!!! Jesus cares for you, admires you, and loves you. That’s why he came: his death was a clear expression of his love for us.

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Lord I worship you for we have hope!

Author – Miebi

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