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Christians Get Wounds Too

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6th September 2018


Christians Get Wounds Too

Key Scripture

Acts 16:33

Even at that hour in the night, the jailer cared for them and washed their wounds. Then he and everyone in his household were immediately baptized (NLT).


Seeing this particular verse changed my perspectives about how a believer relates to his/her physical environment. I have heard people say funny things about Christians who may have some form of illness, or who may have suffered some form of injury. Well we see here Paul, a revered apostle of Christ having his wounds cleaned.

I have heard some people make statements like, “I believe I have this injury because I have offended God in…”, or I have heard some people make statements like “this believer Is probably ill because he did…”. Well these are very untrue statements; the human body even the body of a believer is still subject to pain, and ailments, therefore going through some form of broken flesh doesn’t make you any less of a believer (Christians get wounds too).

Whenever you are in pain, learn to take care of yourself, and most especially, when you see someone in pain, learn to take care of them too, just as the the jailer did Paul. Don’t deny help when you are in pain, and don’t become so “spiritual” you inhumanely decide not to be of help to people. It’s not a crime to clean your wounds, when you are hurt; or to treat yourself when you are sick. It doesn’t mean God cannot heal, after Paul had his wounds cleaned, he still went about and performed some of the greatest miracles we could have ever imagined. God still heals and can still heal through you.

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Lord teach me to love and to care for people who have health challenges, and help me to express your healing power wherever I go

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