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Let Christ Carry That Burden

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7th September 2018


Let Christ Carry That Burden

Key Scripture

1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.


Let’s begin with a short story. One fateful day a young man driving a pickup van saw an old woman walking out from the bushes with a cluster of wood on her head. The young man gracefully offered to give the old woman a lift as he saw that the wood was heavy. The old woman gladly accepted the offer and sat at the back of the pickup van. As the man moved into the community, he discovered that the old lady carried the wood on her head even while sitting in the back of the van. Amazed at what he saw, he asked her “ma’am why didn’t you drop the wood down as the car moved, why did you still carry it on your head all the way down here? the purpose of the lift was to relieve you the stress of carrying that load on your head. The old woman answered and said “my son you already did enough by giving me a lift I didn’t want to bother you any more, so I carried the wood on my head; the man replied “when I carried you I did so despite seeing the load you carried. The load was never an issue for me all I wanted was to relieve your pain and make you comfortable.

This story is applicable to many believers today, you believe that Christ died for your redemption but you don’t believe that he released you from every bondage. A lot of believers still live in fear of a lot of things and struggle with a lot of things forgetting that salvation means saved in every way. You are saved you are redeemed by the blood. The life that you now live is the life of Christ, don’t let unnecessary burdens weigh you down instead let Christ carry that burden. Cast all your cares on Jesus for he cares for you now and always will. Don’t limit the extent of your redemption; he that the son of man has set free is free indeed Yadah!!!

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Thank you Lord for redeeming me and setting me free indeed. I choose to walk in that freedom in Jesus name…Amen.

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