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God is Full of Goodness

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Key Scripture

James 1:16-17
[16]So don’t be misled, my dear brothers and sisters.
[17]Whatever is good and perfect is a gift coming down to us from God our Father, who created all the lights in the heavens. He never changes or casts a shifting shadow.



I love the way this scripture started, don’t be misled about Gods goodness. Since God is all powerful, and can do and undo, many people find it easy to attach negative experiences in their lives to Him, claiming that God had hurt them or harmed them in some way. Well here’s a news flash for you, it wasn’t God who did it. God is full of goodness, every good and perfect gift comes from Him, and He’s not hiding His face from any one.

Some times, we cause our predicaments with our own hands, humans have free will, and can express themselves in whatever way they deem fit; also, the devil, the destroyer just seeks to cause harm, but that’s not my God, He’s good and perfect, just like His love for you (also good and perfect).

So don’t be deceived my friends, when those rough times come, don’t run away from God, run to Him, He’s got the solution, and He’s more than willing to help. Most especially know that He didn’t do it or cause it, but He will get you out of it. Have an amazing day.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for being a good Father to me. I rest in your love because I know it’s perfect, now and forever

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