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Walking in Gods Will For Your Life

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Walking in God’s Will For Your Life


Luke 22:42 – Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me: nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.


What do you do when you are faced with a situation that could or would have a catastrophic outcome? What do you do when God sends you down a road, and it appears to be filled with spikes? Do you run like Jonah or persevere like Jesus? As believers we should imitate the latter.

Sometimes life throws some very difficult situations at us and most times, the world brings or suggests to us “reasonable” solutions to our challenges; at least temporarily. God never promised us a smooth journey, but He promised us a safe landing, He promised to be there at all times. Think about it, if Jesus dying was really a bad thing, would God have let him to die? No! God already had a plan to resurrect him. Some of the things we go through have been beautifully orchestrated just for the Glory of God to manifest. Remember the story of the man who was blind from birth, when people were busy asking if it was the sin of his parents or his sin that caused him to be blind, Jesus said he was lame for God’s glory to manifest!

You might not know, but what ever you are going through today, when you come out of it, your story will give someone hope. To further buttress that God will not leave us alone, while Jesus was praying in agony, God sent an Angel to strengthen him. This is wonderful. The strengthening was not physical strengthening, but a spiritual strengthening. 

Jesus speaking in Luke 21:19 said “in your patience, possess ye your souls”. This is because He knew that most times when we are waiting on the Lord to do a miracle, we tend to be swayed by suggestions from the world, therefore the need to advise us to posses our souls; that is to not lose ourselves to the suggestions of the world.

Brethren, take a lesson from the life of Jesus, He beared the burden of having to die, which as funny as it is, was actually God’s will, but at the end, it turned out to be a glorious death and resurrection, whose sacrifice redeemed the whole world that we may now be called sons and daughters of God.


Dear Lord, I give my life wholly to you, let your will prevail at all times, Amen. 

Author – Andy

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